Gayle Chong Kwan documents the flotsam of the Thames and online, collaging this into analogue photographs echoing the 'archival' patina of Instagram

'In these times of ours', 2012

'When the spring evenings are too long', 2012

'Like the tides on which it had been borne', 2012

'Divided in purpose between being visible and invisible', 2012

'One morning long afterwards to be remembered', 2012

'A scholar in dust', 2012

Blue and white plastic bag in river in the Isle of Sheppey

Brown glass beer bottle on the banks of the Thames

Lolly stick and shellfish on Sheerness beach

Three bottle tops triangulation and tiger

Tyre thrown into river near Queenborough

Chewing gum wrapper on flats of Birchington

Black rubber band almost tied in a bow found in Birchington on Sea

Children's scooter left in river near Queenborough

Foam cushion thrown in inlet near Queenborough

Plastic loop, bag and bottle in inlet in the isle of Sheppey

Trolley floating in river in Rochester

Bicycle wheel part submerged in inlet near Queenborough

Bottle, bag and wood in river near Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey

Pink beaker top on beach at Sheerness

Straw left in beach on Birchington on Sea

Traffic cone with seaweed grown round found in inlet near Rochester

Banana and lolly sticks in Margate sands

Ear bud near beach at Sheerness

Foam square and plastic in river on the Isle of Sheppey

Three bottle tops triangulating on bank at Birchington

Upended table found in river near Queenborough

Beer bottle top and plastic along the shore at Birchington on Sea

Cocaine wrapper along tide in Birchington on Sea

Hair band rusting in Birchington on Sea

Like the tides on which it had been borne to Margate sands

White bag with blue tie carried along by the tide in Birchington on sea

Colonel Sanders brown paper bag left on Margate beach

Effluence always seems to appear in Margate beach

Bowl, cigarette buts and bud in Margate sands

Golden Spoon on Margate beach

In these times of ours, feather of a pen in Margate beach

Beer bottle in the sands at Margate