Graham Hudson at Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth: 8 September – 7 October 2012

Posted on Aug 14, 2012 in News

ROCPO: Rubble Office of Contemporary Portsmouth
Graham Hudson
8 September – 7 October 2012

As part of Our Mutual Friends, artist Graham Hudson and Aspex will be documenting and archiving the changing face of Portsmouth, through the city’s rubble production. This innovative, working exhibition will form the first event in Aspex’s Does Making Things Make Us Human? season.

Creative duo Tinder Wolf will be collecting data via film, photography and social networks. The information will be displayed alongside rubble and objects in the Rubble Office of Contemporary Portsmouth (ROCPO) at Aspex. The public can come to the office anytime throughout September and see how the collection of objects grows. If you know of any works taking place across the city, please let the artists know by visiting the Facebook page and sharing with them. In addition, you can also share any photos you see of holes, rubble or excavation by using the Twitter and Instagram hashtag #RubblePortsmouth.